Vondro is a new age ecosystem, built for a mission to make our education framework more accessible, productive and connected by giving schools & colleges the technology, that enables institutions to make a comprehensive presence without incurring any cost; cumulatively triggering the growth of institutions, students, teacher and parents together.

How will Vondro help you?

Incessant innovation and integration of technology in the education system has brought a revolution in the educational process by making systems more efficient, fast and accurate. However, Indian schools, colleges and students have not been able to relinquish such advantages because of the high cost of esoteric technology.

Here comes Vondro, to bridge the gap by offering features below:

For Institutions (Schools and colleges)

Presence: Comprehensive and user friendly website controlled by institution themselves (example) Virtual Noticeboard: Keep students and parents abreast of information Enquiries: Allow students and parents to communicate directly and quickly with the institution Publishing: Time tables, exam schedules, etc Streamlined Admission Process: Online admission application and tracking and more
  • Wider Presence:
    Vondro brings together all schools and colleges on a single platform, giving your institution wider presence. This will help students and parents to explore and filter schools and colleges based on criteria like locality, courses and programs offered, swiftly, unlike before. (Example)

  • Steady Dissemination of information
    Virtual noticeboard feature of Vondro,lets your institution update news, and events so your students, teachers and parents are always abreast with information.

  • Publishing*
    Vondro’s features will allow you to publish syllabus, exam schedules and results online, directly and quickly. This will help greater accuracy, transparency and accessibility. As a result it will save time of the students and management. Vondro offers technology needed to automate your functions.

  • Streamlined Admission Process*
    Vondro is also working on to streamline the admission process so that students can directly choose-apply-and-track to multiple colleges. It also allows institutions to process and manage these applications faster.

  • Any many more

For Students

It allows students to connect with institutions and collaborate with the teachers. It lets teachers to manage classrooms and enables sharing resources and assignments.
Vondro will also act as a campus recruitment platform where students can create resumes, and enable companies to hire fresh talent using the platform.

* - coming soon