What is Vondro?

Vondro means "Winning knowledge". Vondro is a new platform that unifies the education system, and brings schools, colleges, students, teachers, and more under one roof to provide a unique experience of information and knowledge accessible to all at any time.

We are a School/College. Does it cost to register on Vondro?

Vondro is free, and always will be. Our aim is to educate the Schools and colleges towards technology, and thus we charge no penny. We don't charge users to search and seek helpful information across Vondro . Its all for the students we doing for.

Who manages data/profiles on Vondro?

We are not here to create a database of institutions. We are working towards an aim where we would like everyone to participate themselves. And thus, the data is managed by the respective institutions.

We are a private tuition/coaching institution, can we join Vondro?

As of now the platform is ready for just Schools and Colleges. But we have a lot of stuff for you in the pipeline. Send us your details and we'll inform you first.

Can Students/Teachers join Vondro?

Yes. But not now. There's a lot of cool stuff for you. We're working on adding more entities in the platform, including Students, Teachers and Private institutions. We are creating a platform that will connect entire education system. And you're the hero of it. Send us your details and we'll inform you first when we release.

What's more to come?

Shhh... it's a secret. We want you to be curious. It's exciting.
But here's some stuff that's coming soon: a) A platform connecting students and teachers, b) Lot of stuff for schools and colleges to make them more cooler, c) Students and parents can send direct enquiries to schools without move out of home, and a lot more...

If you're as much excited as we are, send us your suggesstions and feedbacks.
We ♥ to hear them.

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